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Thank you for supporting local youth through buying our products! Our next shipments will be Auguh st 13th-17th and August 27th-31st. Please be aware, shipment dates may change depending on when our growers can pick and ship the products. We will notify you if your shipment date changes. You can also look on our Facebook page (Heartland YFC Peaches) to see updates! PLEASE NOTE: Our pick-up location has changed to Cassill Motors at 2939 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids


18-20 Lbs Colorado Peaches
Type: Peaches
Price: $34.00
9-10 Lbs Colorado Peaches
Type: Peaches
Price: $18.00


1 Lb Georgia Pecans
Type: Pecans
Price: $12.00 
Buy 1 and get 1 for $2.00 off


24 Lbs Colorado Pears
Type: Pears
Price: $34.00
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